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Too bad for Mom but yippee for me!

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Mom had a change in schedule today – but it was good for me… Means I lucked out by getting to go on a rockin’ road trip with mom and dad… The wind wasn’t so bad for me today, so we went out and about….had a really nice long walk and romp on the beach – I got my sniff-time and ball chasing in…plus met some nice doggies who were also out with their families… but the best part of course were the snacks…. not my snacks mind you, but mom and dad snacks…

They weren’t allowed to bring me into the place, but they always bring me something… First I had spoonful, then I got to lick the containers! I got one from each mom AND dad! Plus, the containers were bigger than my head! Mom always said to never eat anything bigger than your head…but she never said anything about the size of the container. Phew, good thing for me. I wonder if mom or dad ever lick the container? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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