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I “LOVE” tennis! Just like my dad!

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Today was another great day! Why? because dad was playing tennis in Santa Barbara…one of my favorite places to go…My mom the dog coach had to work first – she was teaching one of her great doggy workshops at Ventura College... I believe in teaching us dogs how to walk on leash, greet you humans politely, and come to you when you call us… Well, as soon as she got home, we all headed to SB… Mom thought it would be a good idea to visit some of her friends while dad played tennis… They live near where dad was playing, and she wanted them to meet me, and vice versa… Wow! What nice people they are… plus, they’re really good dog trainers too – although they probably don’t realize that 🙂

You see, mom taught me this really cool behavior. She also teaches her students and their dogs this too – it’s called “go to your place“… Which is the cue for me to go and sit or lie down on a little mat or rug. It gives me something to do, plus I stay out of the way…mom thinks it’s annoying, getting under her feet and all.
So we went to Linda, Jim, and Stevie’s house….wow, really cool place. Huge yard for me to run amok in!!! Plus they allowed me to run around inside too – Well, as soon as Miss Linda started cooking dinner, oh boy did I know what to do…mom taught me well, right??? You betcha, I went right over “to my place” just like at home… and Miss Linda caught on really quickly – although she rewarded me much better than mom! She gave me all sorts of cheese samplers (she was making something called “macaroni and cheese”).Man-oh-man-alive was I one lucky dog or what??? She also kept saying how good I was, and how cute I was…. all that positive reinforcement – let me tell you, mom had to drag me outta there to go home… Oh, and before you start to worry, please don’t – Miss Linda was very careful with me being so close to the stove and whatnot – she was watching out for me, making sure I was safe the whole time…
Dad had fun too – he and his friend won their match… plus I got some ball chasing in after they were finished… Mom had a successful day with her workshop – plus she and I had fun and the Brinkmans… all in all a great day… I wonder when we’re going back to visit? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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