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Party ON!

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Wow, this birthday party surely went to the dogs! What a great time I had! I love going to parties… especially when they’re doggy birthday parties. Check out the photo with me checking out the spread… Okay, not one of my best moments – at least by your human standards – I find it ironic that dad was the one taking the picture. Hmm, I guess he thought it was more fun to take the picture of me up on the chair sniffing the snacks, than asking me to get down… Notice mom was busy doing something else… HA! The perfect time to sneak in and check out the yummy “pup-cakes” Miss. Lisa made for us doggies. 

It was Ferris Wheel’s & Carnivals birthday! (yes, Miss. Lisa and Mr. James really gave them these names, they go by Ferris and Carni)… Anyway, they thought it would be fun to have a birthday party celebrating all of our dogginess… and it was a great time to be had – by canines and humans alike. 
There were lot’s of other doggies there too, so I got to make lots of new friends! We were all running around, playing, swimming, doing all of our doggy stuff…young, old, big, small – it’s so important that us dogs get out and play with other dogs. You humans are great to play with, but we need “dog time” too – it allows us to build our canine play skills, and to learn what is socially acceptable, and what isn’t. Us dogs teach each other that… we learn dog-play best from each other – especially what’s “legal play” and what isn’t. So thanks Miss. Lisa and Mr. James for taking care of our needs…This is the kind of activity mom likes to have at her training studio here in Ventura. But she always enjoys going to other peoples places for fun times too… 
Check out all the great pictures that my mom took.
There are some of Ferris playing and eating his birthday hat! (Dude! That’s so funny! I’m gonna try that next time mom sticks a hat on my head.) 
And there’s one of Carni and Ferris taking a dip in the pool. Then there’s me, Ferris, and Libby (Ferris’ cousin) – she was dressed funny. 
Check out this other favorite of mine – I’m making friends with a really nice man who kept wanting to give me some of those pupcakes! See? he was paying attention to what I wanted! Oh, and hey, it was his idea! Not mine! I wasn’t “begging” or anything, he just offered…. 
I’m no fool! Plus I didn’t want to be rude 🙂 
Anyway, if you ever have the chance to take your dog to a party, or better yet, throw your dog a party, it’ll probably be the best party ever! We make our own fun, and you humans tend to enjoy watching that… I wonder when mom is going to throw a party? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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