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A BIG HUGE SHOUT OUT to Jeff, Tim, and SBC!

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Talk about a positively reinforcing, rewarding, over-the-top kinda business meeting! Today Poncho and I took a little road-trip north (our favorite direction) to meet up with Amber – my trusty and oh-so-brilliant website designer/builder to finalize info on my brand new and improved website!!! EEEEKKKK! We’re about to launch folks, to keep your eyes, ears, and web browsers open!

Anyway, since I had Ponchorinorama with me, Amber suggested we hit our local top-notch dog friendly fabulous restaurant The Summerland Beach Cafe! Jeff the owner was there – welcomed us with open arms, as did Tim (who is one rockin’ dog guy let me tell you…he was just loving Poncho the entire time…and Poncho was sending signals back too…what a good boy!) Jeff helped us out with the wireless internet system… Good job Jeff! And Tim helped the entire time just making sure we had everything we needed… including water and bowls for Poncho
Emilia was just finishing up a conference call meeting at Lorrie’s, but stopped by to say *hi* too – made sure we had all the up-to-date web and blog info she had sent earlier… Nellie, (Emilia’s great pooch who just graduated with honors from my Manners Class) was home with proper enrichment while she was blogging… 
What a great team I have!!! Yes, I can’t wait for the new site – But now I’m gonna have to figure out how I can continue to be part of this great “dream team”! 
I do know this: Inquisitive Canine meetings and other get-togethers will be held at SBC (Summerland Beach Cafe) whenever possible! 

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