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Lobster Costume For Dogs Calls for Treats

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OMG, this is so humiliating…but not really. Just to bust a myth here, us dog’s don’t really “feel” the same way as you humans when it comes to “humiliation” “embarrassment” “shame” etc… there’s enough of that for you all to deal with, so us dogs couldn’t really care less… plus, our brains aren’t developed that way…

Why do I bring this up? That’s easy… my certified professional dog trainer mom decided she wanted to “celebrate” this silly outlandish holiday you folks call “Halloween”. All I know is you dress up weird and go around scaring people, knocking on doors and asking for treats!!! (uh, wait a minute… YOU ask for treats? Why are you all giving us dogs a hard time when we ask for treats…!!! I’ll save that for another post…)

Mom thought this would be the perfect time for me to practice my “go to your place” trick! That’s one of the big behaviors she teaches in her classes at the studio and Ventura Community Education

The doorbell rings, I go to my little mat next to the door, she opens the door, as long as I sit still, I get a treat while the person at the door gets a treat… How easy is that? For both me and the kids at the door! This is what mom decided to dress me up in… ugh… she kept laughing, and I had this look on my face that she thought was soooo cute… But then she kept saying how she could use some melted butter… whatever… As long as I get my treats for wearing the silly thing, I’ll go along with it…I like to humor her.

Hmm, I wonder what she’ll dress me as next year? And I wonder if mom posted pictures of me on her blog too! Oh geez, what are others going to say! Something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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