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Halloween Great Opportunity to Train Dogs to Greet Nicely

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This Halloween dealio is pretty cool. Young humans come to our door, I “go to my place”, my certified professional dog trainer mom gives the youngsters treats, then I get to go say *hi* and they give me treats! What a great gig we got going… Treats for everyone!

One of my favorite little treat givers was a little girl dressed up like me! No, not like a lobster, she was dressed like a puppy! She was small and had cute floppy ears, just like yours truly. Anyway, she made a beeline towards me like I was the winning lottery ticket! Kept saying “look at the puppy, look at the puppy”!

I went to check her out, she grabbed me, squeezed me really tight, and squealed like one of my squeaky toys… At first I didn’t know what to think – it kinda felt like when mom holds me…but it’s also kinda weird ya know? Us dogs don’t usually greet each other like that… However, I don’t think it would have been a good idea to start sniffing each others rear ends…cuz I know you humans don’t do that.

Anyway, mom was being a responsible pet guarding  paying attention, making sure I was minding my manners…watching my body language because sometimes I don’t like being grabbed…right? Just like you, right? But this time I didn’t mind it at all… Mostly because I could predict what was coming next, and was excited about it. Bam! there it was! Right in my face! A handful of treats.

So what did my savvy dog training mom do immediately? She rewarded me for being brave and allowing my little friend to handle me – then my puppy friend gave me some of the treats  mom had handed he. My little friend also got rewarded for playing nice – she got treats from mom.

What a great night! I totally dig this holiday…I’m sure many of my other dog buddies would agree. I wonder why we can’t do this every night? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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