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Lots of yummies for this little ‘trick or treater’!

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Poor Poncho. He is the best ever! How many dogs would allow their nails to be trimmed, then follow it up by being dressed up for Halloween – as a food item no less! Too cute… check it out>>>>

I did make it “fun” for him though. For nail trimming he got leftover rice cake crumbles (he loves ’em), with mixed in lamb jerky. For the “lobster” outfit he got the same treats, plus some “ball time”, which he finds very rewarding. 
See? Just goes to show you 1) you can train a dog to like anything (almost) 2) you can use many things besides food to reward your dogs great behavior! 
Happy and safe Halloween, from me and my sidekick Poncho! AKA: my “rock lobster” 

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