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We have lift-off!!!

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WOW! My mom the rockin’ dog coach has just launched her brand-spankin’ new awesome fabulous website! It’s SO great! Talks about all her classes, workshops, and private training she offers… plus there’s a brand new section where she answers many of the common questions you folks ask her… There’s also a new way to register so you get your place in class early! First come first serve ya know… And then there’s directions and her phone number… Oh, and there’s a special place where she tells you all about her schooling, and how hard she worked to become the great rockin’ dog coach she is… and The best part 😉 is I get to be on top of each page, looking at her with my big happy grin.  

I know she didn’t do this all on her own… she had lots and lots of great help from her “dream team” – Miss. Lorrie, Miss. Emilia (Nellie’s mom), Miss. Amber, Miss. Jill, Miss. Eileen…hmm, I think there may have been a few more… 
Anyway, I’m really proud of my mom… I wonder if dad is going to register me for another class, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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