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Run like the wind MOM!

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What a day! We started off really early today… A nice rainy, chilly morning… Mom AND dad were both in their running clothes… Hmm, early morning on a weekend, both mom and dad dressed for running, could only mean one thing: RACE TIME

Yep, off to Santa Barbara we went… At first they weren’t sure if they were going to bring me, but I decided that for them – I got up early too. Sometimes I prefer to just sleep – but it was windy this morning, and you know from other posts, that I’m not a big fan of the wind…yep I was licking my lips and trembling a little bit – that’s the first sign. So mom and dad gathered up my rain jacket, and sweater vest, blanket, and treat bags (different levels of motivation), water, and my poopy bags – cuz ya never know what we have to prepare for, and off we went! ROAD TRIP
I hung out in the car with proper ventilation, water, and my bwanky while mom and dad went and did their thing. Dad finished first… then we cheered when mom came across the finish line! I’m so proud of mom! She did a great job… 

I still don’t understand why you humans run like you do, but you’re not really going after anything… You’re not chasing something and wanting to kill it or eat it…. or move it across the pasture…Anyway, we hung out for awhile, said hi to some other people and their dogs, then headed south. 

But wait! Guess what??? We didn’t go home right away… We got to stop at one of mom and dads favorite places so mom could get her reward! Starbucks!!! PLUS, and this is the best part – we had a play-date with moms friend and rockin’ Web marketing therapist Miss. Lorrie!
 I love seeing her…she calls me her boyfriend 🙂 I’ll be her boyfriend anytime she wants! 
So we hung out, had tea and snacks…and lots of good conversation. Then south we headed once again! But wait!!! You’re right, we didn’t go home yet…. nope, we decided to stop off at one of my favorite places: the beach! It was such a lovely afternoon…. The rain had made all 
the wonderful smells come out…and for a dog, that’s like a bakery or candy store for you humans…. 
OMG! Just fantabulous! I didn’t know what I wanted to sniff first. Well, mom and dad are really cool about me just going about and sniffing away… as you can see by these pics. 

(as long as I’m safe of course. I don’t go into the rocks or anything, I just stay around on the sand. But my favorite thing to do is roll in all my favorite smells. Just roll and roll and roll…gettin’ the stink on! Mom and dad allow me to do this too. They figure its part of my normal doggy behavior, and that I need to do it and get it out of my system… plus, they figure I’m small so I’m easy to bathe. So why not? 

After I got my stink on I got to chase the ball…that’s always a fun time. Then it was back in the car and home we went. Mom kept coughing in the car and saying how the odor that was coming off of me was making her eyes burn. Hello? She just finished a race! Even though I thought she smelled great, I’m sure dad would think otherwise! 
Anyway, once we got home it was into the bathtub for me… Not so bad though. Mom gives me treats while we do the splish-splash routine~ some nice association and positive reinforcement training here… Then I get the zoomies and run around the house. Then they throw my ball in between being dried – more fun associations with bath time, and rewards for me! See? You don’t always have to use food to reward us dogs! Rolling, sniffing, and ball time! All good motivators for us! 
I’m exhausted! It was a long day, but it was SO much fun! I love road trips with mom and dad. I wonder when we’re going again? I wonder when moms next race is? Or dads next race? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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