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Happy Birthday to MOM!

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Wow, what another fun day it was today! Not only is it dia de los muertos, but it’s Mom’s birthday today too! She decided to take time off from her studio and teaching today, so she could spend it with me and dad just celebrating all day. Fine with me! We get her all to ourselves – which means “road trips for Poncho!” 

First mom decided to go run and exercise with her friend Hilary. (It was way too early for me to go…I’d rather sleep in)… Then, after she got all cleaned up, mom, dad, and I loaded into

the car and heading north! The first stop was at one of our favorite coffee joints for beverages and snacks… You can see me here trying to figure out how to drink out of that long green thingy…that’s going to be a challenge for me… 
Anyway, after we rewarded ourselves with yummy treats (just like dog training classes isn’t it?) we hit the road again…this time we walked around some lovely areas – I was the only one who was sniffing around, but mom and dad were enjoying themselves too – I could tell by their body language – relaxed, smiles on their faces, laughing…

Then mom and dad stopped at one fabulous place just for me: the beach!!! Wahoo! I thought it was moms birthday, but this was a great present for little ol’ me! As you can see, I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Once again mom used “real life” rewards to reinforce the behaviors she likes… I walked nicely on leash, and to reward me she let me go and roll in everything I wanted to roll in! Mom was even giving me the “thumbs up” for rolling as well as I was… She giggles a lot when I’m gettin’ the stink on. Interesting how me getting my stink on is rewarding, or shall I say positively reinforcing for mom!

Dad played the same sort of game. We’d practice me running to him when he called, and in turn he’d throw the ball for me! How much fun is that?! 

After we wrapped up our time at the beach, we headed back home… Unfortunately, post-beach time means only one thing: yep, bath-time! But hey, it’s always worth it… not only do I get to roll in stinky stuff, but mom and dad make bathing fun – lots of treats during the bath, followed by throwing the ball around while I have the zoomies! I’d say that’s lots of positive reinforcement! 
Now I’m all clean, and according to mom, smelling fresh, I wonder what else we’re doing to celebrate? I wonder, is she is going to wear a birthday hat just like she makes me? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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