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It’s MOMS birthday…still!

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Wow, what a great day we’ve had… you saw from my previous post that today is mom’s birthday. We spent a lovely day out and about. Had so much fun I ended up needing a bath. Mom always says you can judge how much fun your dog has had by how many times you have to bathe them! 

Well, mom is right indeed because I’ve needed about 5 in the last week! Good thing she and dad make bath-time and grooming fun! I know in this picture my body language might “say” differently, but trust me, the treats, like the water, were flowing nicely – which always makes for fun “association” learning… 
Once I was all “fresh as a daisy” we got dressed and headed south

to our friends the Goren’s: Bonnie, Isaac, and Miss. Valerie. Mom and Miss. Bonnie have been friends since mom was born! YIKES! That’s a really long time… Anyway, they wanted to throw mom a fun party – so we all met up at one of moms favorite stores – Trader Joe’s – thats where we get lots of our yummy food…(hmm, I gotta figure out if they deliver)… After we picked up lots of goodies to throw on the grill, we headed to Bonnie’s house where we also met up with some other of moms and Bonnie’s friends, April and Randy. They have dogs too – I met them at one of my moms parties at the studio. 

The evening was complete with lots of laughter, a great meal  and fun socialization! The Goren’s have kitties, but they didn’t want to come out and play with me…oh well, gave me more time to “stay on my place” and have hors d’oeuvres. Check out this photo – this is the same behavior mom has me do at home while she is cooking dinner. She tells me “go to your place” which is what I do. It’s the best choice for me… either I sit on my place, or I get locked out of the kitchen… hmm, only took one time for me to figure out what the best choice is. 

I did try and sneak in a spot at the dinner table. I think everyone was done with their meal, because they let me sit there. They were laughing too, saying I was cute. Didn’t get me very far because I didn’t get anything else to eat. But sitting there was fun. I guess I was pretty tired because mom kept saying how I was falling asleep at the table. Well it was a long day! 

We had lots of fun with Bonnie and her family. You can tell by this photo of me on the chair… That’s me “digging in my heels”. In other words I didn’t want to leave! I’m even sticking my tongue out! 
Being at the Goren’s is what I definitely call “positive reinforcement”! They have a company called “Adventure’s 4 Fun” and I’d have to agree, that visiting with them is a fun adventure! I know mom and dad had a great time too, although they were okay with going home to our own place. They kept talking on the way home about about how much fun it was. 
Mom really appreciates her friends – says they are like family. She also said this was a great birthday! I wonder what we’re going to do next year? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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