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No gel for this dog!

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Let’s face it, if dogs were out in the wild, doing all their doggy things in their doggy world, calling their “hair-dresser” would not be on their “to do” list. HOWEVER, since they do live in our human world, “bath time” is indeed something that does becomes part of their routine – for some more often than others.

You’ve heard me say that many times we (us and our dogs) learn the same way. We enjoy similar things and situations, some things and situations more than others. Well, we’re really not that much different!  This is a little list I came up with regarding “grooming” for humans:

  • Soaking in a hot tub…(many reasons we enjoy that) while making the tub experience fun: rubber duckies, boats, and SO many other toys…not just for kids, right? Bubble bath… hello? I had Mr. Bubble as a kid…too much fun!
  • Candles and/or other types of mood lighting
  • Aromatherapy including oils and/or incense to help stimulate the senses
  • “Spa Day”
  • Pedicures, manicures, etc…
  • Hair salons…and going every few months, right?

So why should we make bathing and grooming any less fun for our pets than we do for ourselves? I know I have it easy compared to others… I have Poncho a small, single-coated dog that is very food and toy motivated. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make bathing and grooming any less fun and rewarding for your own dog. Remember, just by pairing the event with something your dog already likes will teach your dog to like that event… Which brings me to the video below.

Note: sorry about the poor video-camera action – it’s difficult to dry Poncho with one hand. I would normally use my other hand to towel him or rub his fur to help dry it more quickly… but I had to play “videographer” too 🙂 The tripod should be delivered next week 😉

If you don’t groom your own dog, and you have someone else doing it for you, you might want to ask the person what steps they take to make it more “fun” for your dog…Who knows, they might make it so great you’ll want to switch hair-dressers too 🙂

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