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WHO do you really want to blame???

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I was in one of my favorite stores yesterday…waiting in line to buy groceries for din-din, and couldn’t help overhearing the conversation between one of the cashiers and a customer. As soon as I heard the words “my dog” my ears perked up…Like any predator, my sense of hearing improved once I acknowledged my “prey” – so to speak… 

I guess the customer was buying lots of doggy treats, because the cashier commented about her own dog, and that she loved her dog etc… but that she (the dog) was “naughty” and in the “dog house”…. Yes, this is what caught my attention, blaming the dog for something the human probably did in the first place to set the dog up for “failure”… 
From what I heard, and trust me, I didn’t listen very long… once I heard the blame-game I shut my ears and diverted to the luscious chocolate display next to me…plus, I saw a friend there, who happens to be a former student of both my private and Manners class. Anyway, she arrived at the perfect time. We started chatting away, which was a great diversion for me. 
What was being said you ask? I guess the cashier and her boyfriend left a pile of food out on the counter at their home… including a pizza… Well, counter-surfing is a grande game to be played by any animal, especially dogs (and husbands when freshly baked cookies are sitting out)… Not only can dogs jump up on counters easily – or stretch and put their paws up…they’re also quite efficient at using their mouths and paws, pulling items onto the floor to be devoured. Especially when the said item is a freakin’ pizza!!! YUM! What a HUGE payoff!!! 
So, come on!! Really? Blame the dog? Really? Hmm… I myself applaud the dog for being so resourceful and clever, and for hopefully teaching those humans a lesson about “puppy proofing” their home… I say put the humans in the dog house for being naughty… Oh, and by the way, as much as I hate to admit it, being the professional that I am, it’s happened to me too! Yep, me, the one who teaches everyone else about dogs… My own dog Poncho taught my husband and myself about puppy proofing out home! Let’s just say we’re much more careful about where we leave food, especially when we’re preoccupied with each other 🙂 These animals learned!

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