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Two New Dog Training Workshops added to our calendar!

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Just Added: Two New Workshops!

Friday January 30th, 12:00 – 1:00 PM. $10.00 per person ~ your lunch hour will be fun AND productive!

In this workshop, you will learn important techniques that will prepare you to successfully coach your dog in everyday situations-whether you are at home or in a public setting.

This monthly workshop is designed just for people (no dogs allowed please). We want your undivided attention to help you better understand how your dog learns and communicates so that you can successfully coach and motivate your dog to develop good manners.

You are also encouraged to use this dedicated “people” time to really focus on addressing your concerns-without any canine interruptions or disturbances! You come in with your questions, and go home with an actual training plan to help get the behaviors you want your dog to have!

Sunday January 4th, 3:30 – 4:00 PM (following our Manners class orientation) $5.00 per person (*FREE for those currently enrolled in our Manner’s class).

Learn about fun activities, new toys, and training aids that really do work to prevent boredom. We’ll answer that burning question: “What do I do with this Kong toy???” You can either bring your own, or purchase one from us. Bring your dogs favorite foods, and whatever leftovers you’re willing to share with them. *20% off Kong stuffing toys for attendee’s!

For additional information and to register, you may visit our
Web site, or contact us via email or phone.


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  1. Hi,My dog is 7 years old.He loves to go out for walks/runs but when i go out to play he never seems to get into it.I try everything to get his atntiteon on the tennis balls,Frisbees,Tug ropes or just running around and he kind of sits there.BUT once i get the leash or mention the word Walk He is up and running.Also once we are out he starts to get tired around 1-2 Kilometres so i can only go about 1 kilometre because he will get tired coming home.Can you help me get him interested in playing ?

    1. Hello Rahmi – thanks for taking the time to write in. My first question to you is, does your dog like the actual walking or more the exploring/outdoors part? If it’s the latter, then maybe finding “exploring” sports for him would be more appropriate. Nose Work is such a class, if you can find one in your area. There are also Nose Work books and online resources if that is more easily available. As for getting tired after only 1 – 2 kilometers, you’ll first want to schedule your dog for a health check with his vet. Like us humans, we need to build up our endurance for longer distance and more intense workouts. Your dog could have an underlying condition that causes him to get tired, or he could have pain in his legs/hips/back – so health first! Your vet can also help with an endurance plan to build up the mileage. From a training point of view, if everything checks out and you want to increase the distance, making the the walks more fun with treats and training along the way might be more appealing – think of them as aid stations along the way. For other types of activities, use food treats to shape the behavior of fetch, tug, and catch (can use portions of his meals). Reward little steps along the way, making it more fun for him – and you.

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