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Ho-Ho Road Trip!!!

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I love the holidays! Or as we dogs like to say, the “pawlidays”. Mom and dad are home more than usual, which means more play-time for me! It’s kinda rainy out, and I see those big containers on wheels that mom and dad put their clothes in when we leave town…I think they’re called suitcases. Anyway, I also see mom loading up some of my things in my overnight bag – which means only one thing: ROAD TRIP! 

Yep, I was right… Into my little car seat, all strapped in safe and sound…Mom still doesn’t understand why there aren’t laws that require us pets to be secured safely while riding in automobiles… Hopefully someday a law will be passed! Until then, mom and dad use their common sense and try to set examples for others. 
Anyway, in addition to safety, mom also provided my bwanky to keep warm, my kitty toy, and my chew bone. She likes to keep me safe, but also provides enrichment too…keeps me from getting bored and barking “are we there yet?” I know I look kinda uncomfortable in this picture, but trust me… everything was great! Sometimes this expression even gets me treats…hmm, mom must be learning, because this time it just got my picture taken. I’ll keep trying.
Today we went straight to our destination: Pismo Beach! What a great place. The Cliff’s Resort is really doggy friendly – everyone greeted me with their cute squealy voices – which always makes me happy…you can tell just by my body language and vocalization….wiggly-waggly and high pitched squealing with excitement.
It was quite chilly out, but the sun was shining, so once we got our hotel room lined up, mom
and dad and I took to the trails and the beach… I love exploring – especially after a nice rain… the smells are heavenly! It’s a shame you humans don’t have the acute sense of smell us dogs have. Maybe as you evolve yours will get better. 

You can see me running up the side of the cliff, looking around, sniffing, and having a grand ol’ time. Dad had my tennis ball, but I wasn’t into chasing as much as investigating my surroundings – after all, this is new territory for me…and “new” means more motivating than the usual stuff. 
After we played around in the sand, we went back to hotel, walked around, talked with others…the sunset was really pretty – mom too a picture of it, check it out. 

After picture time and socializing, we all went and played one of my favorite games…tee-hee-hee…mom and dad call it “hallway ball” – hotels are great for this…not that I’m suggesting you do it, cuz you might get in trouble. But hey, what a great place to run like a maniac playing fetch! Plus, I’m more of a sprinter, unlike my herding breed friends…so a little goes a long way with me – especially if it’s a really long hallway. We got a few rounds in, until I was nice and tired and wanted to go back to the room for nappies…and my dinner…. 
Mom and dad didn’t stay in the room for dinner, they were allowed to go into the restaurant, unlike me… So, they left me with my favorite toy – my Tricky Treat Ball…giving me something to do while they were gone. They came back just a short time later and brought me delicious snacks…turkey and roasted veggies! I could still smell prime rib on dad…how come he didn’t bring me any of that? 

Anyway, we decided the night was still young and went up to the nice lobby in the hotel…I guess you humans like mental activities too – mom and dad played something called Backgammon – as you can see, I was helping mom out…The fireplace was on, the couch was comfy, everything was really nice…a good “pawliday” for everyone. I wonder where we’re going next? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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