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It’s a brand new year!!!

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Wow, where does the time go??? I guess it doesn’t really matter since I don’t really have to be anywhere at any specific time…All I know is it’s New Year’s Day 2009! A brand new year!

This smart dog decided to start 2009 off the right way and slept in while mom and dad headed to Santa Barbara for some race…Yep, I changed my behavior…did something different. Instead of getting up with them, and practically begging to head out the door with them, I decided to stay home all tucked in nice and comfy burrowed deep in the bed – talk about “positively rewarding”… what fools they are! It was freezing outside! Mom said it was 35 degree’s! Yikes! No thanks! “Have fun” I said… wake me with snacks when you get home…which they didn’t do…bummer… instead we hit the road for another fun-filled day! 

Yep, all safe and sound strapped into my car-seat, with my kitty toy and bully stick. But this time we headed south! Mom and dad were wearing the type of clothing they use for when they go running… Hmm, I wonder what was up? Well, talk about something different, this time we went for a hike! That’s right, this lucky dog got to go back to his “roots”! I could just feel my doggy dna oozing with delight! Back into the wild, smelling all of those wonderful aromas only found in nature: dirt, earth, foliage of every kind, excrement everywhere, leftover aromas of dead animals (they had been snacks for other animals no doubt)…ahhh, heaven on earth for this canine! 

Can you believe it? This was probably the first time mom and dad have ever taken me on a real trail for a real hike! You could tell mom was kinda nervous…she decided it would be best to keep me on leash 🙁 I know I know…but she wanted me to be safe. She knows I have a pretty intense predatory drive (my nemesis and favorite prey animals are E.J. Harrison, FedEx, UPS, and mail trucks), so mom didn’t want to take a chance that I’d go after something, even if it was something small like a mountain lion… Trust me, although mom can run, and she’s in pretty good shape, compared to me she’s not that fast… 
Although I was on leash I still had a great time… Turns out we were 

meeting lots of our friends… a few of them brought along their dogs too…so it was a great time to be had. Mom tried to hold the leash but I was bolting up the trails…she couldn’t believe I could scale the rocks so quickly, with such great ease and elegance. Hello???? I’m a freakin’ dog! That’s what dogs were meant to do… plus, I’m vertically challenged (short) and have “four paw drive”….makes hiking really easy. Anyway, because dad was clipping along at a nice pace, she handed me off to him… it was great!!! Geez, and she calls herself a runner…

Anyway, once we got to the top of the mountain we all took a little water break… Mom and dad brought some pieces of cucumber for me (I’m not a big drinker unlike the Labra”dorks” that were with us), and wanted to make sure I was hydrated, so I ate some cucumber – great snacks and quenched my thirst. Then we headed back down the mountain and home…They couldn’t believe I was out there for almost two hours! Yep, me, the dog who doesn’t like to take many walks in the neighborhood was going full force the entire time on the trails. Well, it was different, much better surroundings – plus I saw friends I hadn’t seen in awhile… maybe I could go with moms ultra-runner friends…they could probably keep up with me. 
I was pretty tired once we got home… I had to have another stupid bath 🙁 I was smelling so good too! I rolled in some stuff that I thoroughly enjoyed, but mom didn’t agree. Anyway, once bath time was over I just hung out on my mat in the kitchen until dinner was ready… I was hungry, but I was pretty tired too – nothing like a good round of exercise to help me relax…I didn’t even care about barking at anyone walking by – so you know I was tired… My mom the dog trainer always says “A tired dog is a happy dog, and a happier owner.” Check out the photo…mom kept giggling at me 
– couldn’t keep my eyes open, barely kept my head up! But never too tired to skip a meal!
What a great way to begin the new year! I hope that 2009 brings you and your families lots of yummy snacks, enjoyable walks, fun stuff to roll in, and lots of positive reinforcement throughout the entire year! 
I wonder when we’re going hiking again? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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