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We humans are the worst hosts ever!

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OMG it occurred to me tonight while cooking dinner for my hubby and myself, that we humans are horrible hosts when it comes to our dogs! 

Let’s face it, our human world and all of our customs revolve around food. Am I right? Everywhere we go, everything we watch, everywhere we turn there is something about food. Someone dies, we bring food. A baby is born, we bring food. Someone is ill, we bring food. We have meetings, there is food offered. Friends visit, we offer food. Family visits, we offer food. Food-food-food!!! Parties, potlucks, three course meals, drive-through… OMG it’s everywhere! And aside from standing in longs lines during the holiday season, there isn’t much “hunting” going on… it’s all easily accessible. 
So why is it we get so angry and frustrated when our dogs want to get in on part of the action, huh??? Is it because they don’t understand our concept of the ever-loving “potluck”? Yes, there are dogs that offer up “presents”. You know, items they’ve stalked and hunted etc…but to actually bring something to us that we could share at a party, I think not. They would more likely be the ones eating everything, and enjoying themselves, and maybe even licking the plates clean… but that’s about it for contributing. 
After I’ve put myself in my own dogs position, looking at the world through his eyes, seeing us eating large meals with lots of “prey” animals, and him getting his Tricky Treat Ball of kibble and a bowl of vegetables, I say “Poncho, I’m sorry. I won’t give you a hunk of daddy’s filet mignon, at least not tonight”. If there is some leftover, I will use it to my advantage. Maybe when the mailman is around, because I want you to enjoy the mailman bringing the mail. Or the UPS truck, Harrison, or FedEx…but certainly not for free, giving it away willy-nilly. 
I will however be happy to bring any potluck item Poncho wants, as long as he’s organizing the party or cooking the meal, until then…I guess it’s enrichment for him and earning the higher value items during training with me

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