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Mickey Rourke is one top dog!

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I guess there was some important ceremony yesterday where entertainment folks received lots of nominations, awards, praise, applause etc… Wow, talk about “positive reinforcement”. 

Mom and I watched this dude named Mickey Rourke make a speech on YouTube. He won an award for being a great actor in a movie called The Wrestler. I haven’t seen this particular film, not yet anyway (movie theaters don’t allow us dogs to go inside) but mom and dad said they’d wait for dvd release so we can all watch it together. 
Anyway, this guy is so cool! Out of all the people at this show, he was the only one who thanked his dogs! Is that great or what? It seems like he really knows how to appreciate us pooches for what we are, and for what we bring to your lives. Through good times, through rough times, we’re always there for you…why? Because you give us positive reinforcement, just by being you. 
I’m also thinking that Mickey does what mom teaches in her classes: to pay attention! He probably “catches his dogs in the act” of doing what he wants and rewards them for it. In turn, they reward him. What a great relationship he must have with them. 
Here’s to you Mickey – I hope you receive lots more awards. Personally, I think you should get one for being such a great dog dad. I wonder if there is such a category at these award ceremonies? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder. 

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