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Happy Birthday to DAD! A great way to celebrate Martin Luther King Jrs special day too…

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It was dad’s birthday today… it also happens to be the celebration day for Martin Luther King Jr. What better way to celebrate both events than with a road trip to one of my favorite beaches: Hendry’s in Santa Barbara! 

First we stopped to get snackies at one of mom and dad’s favorite cafe’s called Starbuck’s. They’re very dog friendly – the outside part anyway. I think they should call it “StarBARKS”, but hey that’s just my opinion. 
After we picked up our “treats” we headed north to play at the beach….ahhh, the cool comfy sand, warm sun, lots of sniffing and exploring, meeting and greeting – it was a fun time. Afterwards we headed to another dog friendly place called Nordstom’s. Mom wanted to buy dad something, but they didn’t see anything he wanted… so we decided to go to another place called Anthropologie – they’re very dog friendly too… you can check out the picture of Cara. She works there…made sure I had water, then gave me treats and scratched my chin…how sweet is that!? She said I could come back any time I wanted… 
Even though it was dad’s birthday, I was having most of the fun…thanks dad! I wonder if you’re going to like the gift I’m giving you? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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