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Impulse Control Issues: this dog trainer has them too

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Okay, so my lovely sidekick Poncho has totally busted me! He was just posting one of his great answers he adapted from our Noozhawk advice column, and mentioned the “Sees” incident, so I guess I need to come clean. 

Yes, I admit it, similar to dogs and counter-surfing, I have impulse control issues too… Although, I’ve been able to restrain myself most of the time, once in awhile, my morals breakdown…as both my husband and dog have pointed out. 
We were out and about on my husbands birthday – enjoying our time in Santa Barbara (Poncho wrote about this too), and I thought I’d stop for a Sees lollipop on our way home – this is my dessert…they last longer and taste good. I know, it was my hubby’s birthday, but he wanted to be nice…and didn’t mind stopping. 
Now, just to make it clear, my husband doesn’t like chocolate – or any candy for that matter. I know, at first I thought this was weird, but then I realized “more for me!” Anything he gets, he gives to me… Yea!!! 
If you’ve ever been to Sees you know they give out samples – wow! Talk about positive reinforcement!!! HELLO??? How great is that!? And how smart are they!!! The perfect positive association, right? No wonder they do so well! 
Anyway, I only buy the lollipops, nothing else, although my favorite treat there is the chocolate covered ginger…and hey I’ll eat most every sample they give me – I don’t though, not usually. But that day, yes, that day was different. Celebrating birthdays, outings to Santa Barbara, ran a lot over the weekend…I deserved it gosh darn-it. So I lied! Yes, me, the always responsible, always truthful, lied! 
They were giving away the chocolate covered vanilla cream, which I took ever so easily, AND asked for a sample of the ginger…my favorite – saying it was for my husband who was outside with Poncho! OMG I totally used him as my excuse knowing full well that he wasn’t going to taste one miniscule drop! 
This wasn’t pre-mediated… just impulsive on my part. I was going to wait until after dinner…but lo and behold there was a traffic jam, so to help with my mood in the car, I ate them…both of them! Once again, impulsive behavior… And ya know what? They were great! Totally hit the spot! It was worth every impulsive act, every lie, and every calorie!
Impulsive? Yes. Normal behaviors of humans? For many of us, yes. So there ya go Poncho, I confessed. As Poncho’s dad has pointed out, my morals finally broke down… I guess we all have our moments…at least no one got hurt. 

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