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This Inquisitive Canine Now Soaring Proudly With NOOZHAWK!

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Wow! Talk about exciting and completely positively rewarding! My rambling, opinionated, common sense,  and dare I say slightly smart-aleck mouth (and fingers) has proven to be an advantage once again! Yep, that’s right! I’m expanding outside the world of blogging and adding the very informative, local, online news Web site Noozhawk to my ventures – in a new column called “Ask the Trainer“…

Since a young girl my mother had encouraged me to speak up, take risks, take a chance (as long as I was safe – nothing crazy or illegal mind you), and “go for it”. She would say “What’s the worst that could happen, someone might say no?” Well, I admit it sort of backfired in junior high when I asked a boy to a dance, but finally, after all these years, it worked for me! Someone said “yes”!

It all started when the very smart, business savvy, and open-minded Chris Donahue first made contact with me… Although he had called to inquire about something unrelated, I decided to take a chance and ask if he and the publisher/owner of Noozhawk Bill Macfayden, would be interested in a “dog behavior advice column“? I’d always wanted to take the Q&A moments from my everyday dog trainer/coach life, and put it out there for the whole world to see. 
Along with my moms voice in my head, there were Lorrie Thomas’s and Emilia Doerr’s voices in my head too… they’ve encouraged me to “own my expertise” and “sell it!” – talk about great Web Marketing Therapy
So thanks to all of them, and my desire to share my advice and opinions with the world, I am now the proud writer of the Noozhawk pet column “Ask the Trainer“! The column will run on Fridays and repeat Saturdays. If you have any specific training and behavior questions about your dog, or a dog you know, or a dog you’re thinking of getting, please feel free to write to me – your question just might end up on Noozhawk
Wishing you all the self confidence you need to own your expertise, in whatever you do! 

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