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My buddy Josh is a BIG winner!

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I’m SO excited! I just saw on the Ventura County Star news site that my friend Josh Spiker won the Carlsbad marathon in 2:24:56!!! WOW! What an accomplishment! He must be SO happy! And I’m SO proud of him… I know mom and dad are too. We were just in his store visiting him the week before…while mom was trying on new shoes Josh and I were playing. I love going to visit Josh at his store Inside Track. He lets me sit on the furniture, plus if he isn’t too busy, he’ll give me treats and belly rubs. Check it out, you can see him asking me to sit-stay. 

I know he trained really hard for this race! I couldn’t imagine all the running he did… fast runs, hill runs, road, trails, long runs, over and over…just so he could get his body in shape for running 26.2 miles straight! And he wasn’t even chasing anything edible! I still don’t get that, but whatever… maybe it was the people chasing him? 
Anyway, this just goes to show ya “life is a mechanical skill”. Josh proved that if you train hard, your efforts will pay off. Winning a marathon is pretty huge. What about the rest of life? 
Let’s take us well-mannered dogs. We aren’t born that way ya know…okay, maybe there a few out there – but we need training too. Even just a few minutes a day, going over a few of those skills you want us to have will help pay off in the long run, and make your own dog a winner! Trust me, it ain’t like training for a marathon! Even if mom is really busy, she’ll throw in a few training moments throughout the day – or get someone like her buddy Josh to do it while she shops for new running shoes…hmm, pretty clever of her… 
I know that going after my nemesis E.J. Harrison or the mail trucks help me with running faster. I wonder if Josh likes to chase mail trucks too? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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