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Dog Behavior and Exercise: a look at before and after

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My friend Emilia just emailed me a great photo of her dog Nellie. They were in my Manners Class this last Autumn, along with Nellie’s dad Nick. Nellie is an absolute sweetheart! Friendly as can be, totally outgoing, motivated to learn, pays attention in class! Her mom and dad have always said she has lots of energy, and that sometimes it’s hard to deal with, as you can see from this picture… You can also check out her energy level on my “chewing illegal items” post. 

Well they went on a little getaway where Nellie was able to run like the wind forever and a day… and when she got home she could barely chew her dinner let alone get into mischief. This is living proof why our domestic dogs need more exercise than they often receive. As I often say in my classes and privates: A tired dog is a happy dog, and a happier owner! A picture’s worth a thousand words… and proof of how good a run-around session really is!  

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  1. Yes, after a weekend of non-stop running around Lake Arrowhead, she’s a totally different dog – it’s all the exercise and being exposed to large amounts of stimuli! I like what you said about how you didn’t think she ever rests! she usually is just go-go-go! But I’m sure she will mellow as she outgrows her puppy energy! And thanks for all your great training and coaching… understanding her needs and “doggie DNA” makes it easier for us to love and care for her!

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