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A Doggy Jungle-Gym: Dog Agility at Freedom Park

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My mom the dog trainer here in Ventura got to be a student today! She, dad and I had SO much fun! We went to Freedom Park in Camarillo for Canine Agility… We hadn’t done that in a long time… Momsaid I did really well…I remembered almost everything I was supposed to do…she said it’s like “riding a bicycle”. I’m not sure what that means, because agility is nothing like riding a bike….except it takes coordination, stamina, and it’s really fun!

I think I remembered more than mom when it came to running the course. She couldn’t figure out which was her right side…it was funny. Margie, the teacher, is really great. She was helping mom out the whole time. Mom said my biggest “issue” is that I’m too excited!

I keep wanting to run from one piece of equipment to another without waiting for my cue – mom calls that “impulse control”. She said it’s all about “waiting” – just like other “impulsive” behaviors like wanting to say *hi* to people, wanting to pull towards something, wanting to get through the door before her… Us dogs don’t want to take over the world (that’s just silliness), we’re just impulsive…just like you humans and wanting to get your coffee in the morning or the last parking place in front of Trader Joes. Anyway, mom and I worked on my impulsiveness… just like she teaches her students in her dog training classes.

Check out the video – dad filmed it and mom edited it…we work well as a team.

I wonder if we’ll go again next Thursday at 3:00 PM – that’s when the beginners course is. Something for this agile and inquisitive canine to ponder…

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