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This Dog Agrees With You Humans: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

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I don’t get it, really, I don’t. “What” you ask? I’m talking about the whole “breaking up with your dog” situation. I’ve heard that old song, “Breaking up is hard to do.” But I guess when it comes to many of you human-folk deciding you don’t want a dog any longer, you just decide to end the relationship and “break up” with us… And when you say “It’s me, it’s not you.” I believe it! And, I completely agree… it is you! 

Before a person decides to bring home a dog or cat, or any pet for that matter (or having a child), or making other type of long term commitment, please allow me a moment to ask you a few questions. These were similar “before you adopt” questions my dad and my mom the dog trainer asked before bringing me home: 
  • Do you honestly have the time? It takes more than a couple of ten minute walks around the neighborhood…especially if we’re young and energetic. 
  • Are you willing to rearrange your current schedule and lifestyle to make the time for a pet?
  • Are you financially able to take care of the most basic needs of a pet? This includes food, health care, shelter, collar, bed, license, legally required vaccinations? Multiply these items by days/months/years, depending upon the item/service and lifetime of the pet. Remember, this doesn’t even include the “fun stuff” like training classes, toys, treats, an extra bed, crate, car seat, etc… 
  • Are you able to adapt to any other changes that might occur throughout the lifetime of your pet? What if you have to move? Change jobs? Get married, divorced, have human kids, take a vacation? 
My mom has received a few phone calls and emails about people having to re-home their pets because they can’t seem to handle them any longer – they basically want to “break up” with them. Don’t they realize that us domestic animals aren’t creatures they can just kick to the curb? We’re not furniture that can be stored in the garage either… 
Please, for the sake of humane treatment, think about the responsibilities before bringing a pet home… and once you make that commitment, stick with it. If you’re frustrated with the situation, do all you can to educate yourself about solving problems, before you end up creating even more. 
I wonder how humans would feel if us dogs “dumped” them? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder… 

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