Thank You Social Media: Making it easier to find this dog trainer

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Wow, after wrapping up my Social Media Marketing class last night at UCSB extension with the Wild Web Women, I realized that I now have so many social media platforms, that I was starting to become a bit scatter-brained. So, since my new round of dog training classes is beginning this Sunday April 19th, I thought, what a great time to put together a list of how to find me! So, here it is! I took liberty of adding Poncho’s info too…he likes to make himself available also. 

Official IC Website:

  • For information on services, schedules, events, where to contact us, FAQ’s. 
  • A little about Joan and the Inquisitive Canine, our approach, methodology. 

Joan’s Blog:

  • For dog training tips (from the human perspective)
  • Information on upcoming events, including those outside the Inquisitive Canine
  • Commentary on the latest and greatest social topics
  • An all around fun place to share with the community
  • The perfect place for friends, clients, and the general public to make comments! 
  • A great place to send questions! 

Poncho’s Blog:

  • Poncho’s own dog training tips (from the dogs perspective) 
  • Information on events at the Inquisitive Canine, and those elsewhere
  • Commentary on the latest and greatest social topics.
  • The perfect place for friends (human and dog) to make comments or send questions. 

Noozhawk Advice Column:

  • Dog training and behavior advice column written by both Joan & Poncho the dog
  • Another great place for you or your dog to send in questions.


  • Joan’s  FB homepage: the place where I’m more of a “dog mom” 
  • The Inquisitive Canine Group page: for IC students, great place to “meet” other dog folks, have discussions, or set up doggy play dates. 
  • Poncho the Dog Fan Page: I’m his #1 fan and want to share that. 



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