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Dog Laws: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges… Uhh, Yes We Doo-Doo

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As a law abiding canine, I’d like to send a BIG click-treat to all you law-abiding humans. My mom the rockin’ dog trainer and I were out and about, training for my upcoming 5K, and I had to you know what…(#2, do my business, etc.) Anyway, this really nice lady complimented my mom for cleaning up after me. 

Wasn’t that nice? She and I both don’t understand why, considering it’s a law! Yep, just like littering is against the law, so is not cleaning up after us doggies. I can’t believe there has to be laws for this – I would think common sense would dictate that you humans wouldn’t want dog doody left all over the place… I guess some people just don’t care. What a shame. 

Well, in honor of us dogs, you humans have created an annual holiday from April 20 – 26, called “National Scoop the Poop Week”! You can read more about it on the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (APAWS) website – they’re the ones who came up with it. I say, not such a bad idea. 
Speaking of dog laws, there are a few others I’d like to bring up. Why? Because, as a dog, I like to be kept out of harms way. These laws were created to protect us poochies, not to make you humans nuts: 
  • Collars with ID’s: Mom says she still doesn’t understand why many dog guardians don’t have collars and ID tags for their dogs. Humans always carry their own ID and wallet on them. They also have special ID tags just for human children. So why not help protect us dogs?
Mom, being a great dog trainer and responsible dog mom, likes to explain to her dog training class students and private dog training clients that dog collars are like wallets, and that they should only be used to carry ID (doggy license) – they can also be used to match an outfit, but carrying a license and name tag with phone number are the main reasons. All dogs are required to have one in California. 
  • Leashes: ugh, as much as I hate them, I know they’re a law in our town of Ventura. Unless it’s specifically written for all to see, us dogs need to be on leash when off of our own property. It doesn’t matter if your dog is well-mannered, it’s a law! Even if you can drive really well while under the influence, it’s still illegal to drive drunk! 
You should probably check out your own local dog laws so you can remain a law abiding citizen. This is one resource mom uses for our laws: Dog Law. They have some great information on everything from leashes, tags, and for when we bark too much. 

And finally, requiring dogs to be restrained with seat-belts, with or without car seats! Oh wait, that’s not a law! How silly! 
Hmm, I wonder when they’re going to create that law? Something for this properly-secured-in-his-car-seat inquisitive canine to ponder. 

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