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Dog Trainers Need to Practice Too

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Even though I’m a professional certified pet dog trainer, doesn’t mean I:

  1. Have the perfect dog (sorry Poncho, but hey I’m not perfect either)
  2. Know everything there is to know about dog training
  3. Never have to practice…UGH!

You may have known from previous posts of mine, or from Poncho’s posts, that we’ve been going to agility classes taught by our friend Margie Hanlon of the Seaside Scramblers… Margie is a real saint, I have to say, especially after reviewing my last bit of video. Wow, do I need practice. Just to prove that I’m not perfect, I am posting a little bit of our latest session.

Fortunately I did get better after warming up, and of course my hubby did a great job of running Poncho. But I thought this time around I’d share a few laughs by showing the not-so-great footage. Good to remind myself that training of any sort is a mechanical skill. (Thank you Bob Bailey).

Just like I tell my own dog training students, in both my Ventura College Community Education Canine College class, my manners classes at The Inquisitive Canine studio, and private clients, “If you practice, even 3 minutes a couple times a day, you get better, your dog gets better, and you get the behaviors you want!!! It’s that simple…Hopefully, next week will be better – for me anyway, Poncho already knows what he’s doing!

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