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Us Dogs Should Be Allowed to Play With Our Food

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You may not believe it, but this dog rarely eats out of a bowl… My veggies yes, because they’re kinda messy, but other than that, it’s all about eating on the go! My mom the certified dog trainer and I just got another question sent to our Noozhawk dog behavior advice columnall about a dog that developed some undesired habits – we think it’s mostly due to boredom – this is another reason why enrichment can be so useful!

I love all my fun toys that my mom the dog trainer and my dad give me. Even if my mom accidentally drops a piece of my food on the floor, I will still go after my Tricky Treat Ball first…it’s more enriching for me. Since I don’t get to go hunt for my own food, this is as close as I’ll get. I am a predator ya know. The extra activities keep me mentally stimulated. Plus, I keep active much longer than I would if I just ate my meal out of a bowl.

You should do this for your dog too! You can give your dog their meal while you eat yours. Then they’re less likely to bother you while you eat. Of course any leftovers can be stuffed in one of those Kong toys. My mom, being the savvy trainer and creative cook she is, does this for me too. As long as it’s healthy for me, she allows me to have whatever she and dad are eating. But she doesn’t just give it away for free ya know – Nope, she puts it in a Kong toy, then freezes it for me to have later… You can see me playing with my food in the video that mom made.

I wonder what mom and dad are going to have for dinner tomorrow? I wonder if I’ll get any leftovers? I wonder if mom ever eats her chocolate out of one of these toys… Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder.

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