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Before You Adopt A Dog: Questions to ask yourself

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I met with Sharon of the Canine Adoption and Rescue League (CARL) today. I wanted to discuss the possibility of offering a complementary talk for potential adopters, as well as those who have newly adopted a puppy or adult dog. Good news! She loved the idea!

It’s going to be a 75 minute talk over at the Adoption Center (behind the Ventura Pet Barn), held on the third Saturday of each month. I begin August 15th! I will be going over the ever important pre-adoptions questions surrounding the “Why?” and the post-adoption topics of “Yikes! Now what to I do?”

These are a few of the topics I will be discussing, and inspiring people to ask themselves:

  • Why do I want a dog?
  • Is this the best time in my life to get a dog?
  • Are there any foreseeable life-changing events that may occur?
  • Can I afford to keep a dog, for it’s lifetime?
  • What type of dog do I want?
  • Am I more concerned with breed or temperament?

If you’re considering adopting a dog, or know someone who is, you may want to come by on August 15th and check it out. Ask questions? Of if you’ve adopted a dog and need help with behavior issues, or maybe just want some general information about making life better with each other, please come by. This talk is free to the public, although donations to CARL are always welcome.

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