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Finding A Responsible Pet Sitter: Who’s Going To Take Care of This Dog?

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I admit, I’m one lucky dog! I get to keep busy doing lots of things, like working with my mom the dog trainer. Including going to the inquisitive canine studio where she teaches her dog training classes and workshops when she uses me as her demo dog. Other times she brings me along to help with paperwork and inventory, or work at the computer – like now with my blog or sending a tweet on twitter

I’m fortunate that she works her own schedule. This means she doesn’t have to leave me home by myself very often. And if she does, it’s usually for just a few hours. But what about those times when she and dad are gone all day? Or if mom goes to a dog training workshop out of town and dad is at work all day? What about me? Like many dogs I don’t enjoy being alone. I don’t destroy things like some dogs, and I don’t get scared enough to want to escape. It’s just being a canine, I am very social – I like to be out and about, or have people home with me. 

Thankfully, my mom the savvy dog trainer knows this…and has found the perfect solution for those times when she and dad need to leave me for longer periods: a professional, qualified, responsible pet sitter! Her name is Angel, of Angel Eyes Pet Sitting. She’s here right in our own town of Ventura! 
Mom asked me what I would like to see in a professional pet sitter, and I told her. She asked that I share it with my readers since you might be looking for such a person yourself. What is my “wish list” for finding a professional pet sitter? Simple. Someone who:
  • really cares about me and my safety.
  • will take care of my needs, just as my mom and dad would. 
  • knows what to do in case something bad should happen. 
  • understands my dogginess and doggy behaviors.
  • my mom and dad can trust to be in our home when they aren’t here. 
  • is going to respect the needs and requests of my mom and dad. 
  • has a good reputation and who is willing to share references. 
  • shows professionalism and responsibility. 
  • tells you what is included in their duties, and what my mom and dad can expect. 
  • shows initiative, and asks my mom and dad questions about what he or she needs from us. 
Angel is certainly all of these things. She’s worked with animals professionally for a very long time. She understands my doggy quirkiness and allows me to be a dog. She spends our time together making it about me! She respects my mom and dad, asking all the right questions to make sure I am safe. Including my:
  • medical history: I have an old neck injury and can’t get too crazy with the whole “grab and shake” activity. 
  • behavior history (keep me away from trucks and other large prey)
  • feeding schedule: food during training or in my toys only – no bowls, unless it’s my veggies. 
Angel also shows up on time and keeps in contact with reports on how I’m doing. How great is that? If you want to have Angel look after your pets, or to find out more, check out her Angel Eyes Pets Sitting website
I wonder when mom and dad are going to be gone all day again? I wonder when I’ll get to see Angel again? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder. 

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