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Dog Birthdays: More excuses for humans to humiliate us dogs

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Well, today is my birthday! At least that’s what my mom the ventura dog trainer says… It was actually anniversary of the day she and my dad adopted me from the animal shelter. I’ll never forget it…They were so cute, sitting there in the yard of the facility, concerned looks on their faces because they weren’t sure if they were going to find a cute dog like yours truly here…

Once I bounded out of the house with the tennis ball in my mouth, that
all changed! Both my mom and dad got these smiles on their faces that were wider than the UPS truck is long! And they were giggling – having fun…they immediately said “We’ll take him!” And here I am. That was Father’s Day, 2003…That was the smartest move they’ve ever made – mine too. 
We started the day with playing Garbage Truck Monday – not moms favorite activity, but I sure enjoyed myself – until she locked me in the closet to manage the situation. It’s not that she was mad at me, she just doesn’t want me running amok, getting upset, jumping up and down on things…I could easily hurt myself. Mom knows, and teachers her own dog training class
students and private dog training students that if you don’t have time to train, manage the situation – which she did. It wasn’t a time-out! I got my Tricky Treat Ball and played with it while in the closet…not too bad for this older and wiser dog. 
Anyway, we later mom and I took a road trip to met up with some of my pooch pals over at Kimball Park for walkies…Chief, Ferris, and Gutterball were there…along with their humans. We strolled around the park, meeting and greeting others, eating chicken and other tasty tid-bids. Mom’s friend Miss. Kathy brought a birthday meat cup-cake… It was yummy…we all shared although I would have liked to guard it. 

After walkies Mom, Miss. Lisa and Ferris met dad over at Portola Starbucks for snackies. Ferris and I practiced our down-stays while chewing on our bully sticks. Mom was smart to teach this behavior in her Manners Class – so us dogs knew what to do when we were out in public. We were behaving so well – got lots of compliments from other humans around. 
We then spent most of the afternoon working on our dog behavior advice column, then went for an evening stroll with dad, and finally a nice birthday dinner. I had my birthday broccoli, Tricky Treat Ball (with my candle that Miss. Kathy gave me as a reminder of how older I am), and finally some vanilla pudding – that I had to share with dad. YUM! 

As you can see from the pictures, mom had me wearing this silly hat – at least every time I had it on my head she gave me yummy high value treats – mostly chicken and pork tenderloin. I love my

 little green hat…And I love that mom and dad made this day very special for me. I had a great celebration.
I wonder if mom is going to have broccoli on her birthday? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder. 

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