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This Dog in Training Thinks “It Games” Are Fun!

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My mom the savvy Ventura dog trainer has been practicing a lot of the “it” dog traininggames with yours truly – and I mean a lot!!!

I had a severe “tap into my predatory drive” moment the other day with the UPS truck. Mom, who is usually very prepared and on top of it, had a lapse in management – needless to say it wasn’t a good moment for mom. Me? Yes. Mom, who wanted to relinquish her CPDT title? Not so much.

This just goes to show you: my mom is human too. Just like she teaches her own dog training class students and private dog training clients, no animal is perfect, including humans, and you just never know when that one moment of despair can occur.

Since that time, about a week ago, mom and I have been practice lots of “Leave it!!!” This is a behavior she teaches in her dog training classes and dog training workshops as well. Her definition of “Leave it!” is “Stop what you’re doing and get over here!!!”

Whether I’m about to go after something, like my favorite prey E.J. Harrison, UPS, and FedEX, or my nemesis the USPS mail trucks, mom will use “Leave it!” – she uses a more stern voice, I come running, then we trot off to the fridge or dads cookie jar for a snack. Yep, I get leftovers from mom and dad…but more motivating than my usual.

Just a little tidbit – but I tell you, it’s been a lot more fun than going after the trucks. I can see why – pieces of ginger cookie or blueberry coffee cake are much more appealing – especially if I don’t listen to mom. If I ignore her I end up in the bathroom or closet for a time out – trust me, leaving the trucks and having snackies is much more fun!

As for the other “it” game – called “Find it!”? That’s an easy and fun one. Mom (or dad) toss a piece of food on the ground and then says “Find it!” I go in search of food with my highly skilled canine nose…I do like to hunt ya know.

Mom uses that to either distract me – like when we’re walking by loud trucks, or dogs and people I’d rather say hi to (and we don’t have time), when she wants me to get out of bed to potty before she goes to sleep, and when she’s too lazy to clean something off the floor she dropped while cooking! Doesn’t matter to me – I’m always rewarded with something fun…

Hmm, the mailman has already been by…I wonder when she’s going to cook again? Something for this inquisitive canine to ponder.

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