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It’s All Fun & Games For This Lucky Dog

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Well it’s official! My mom the rockin’ Ventura dog trainer and I have developed the bee’s knee’s of dog training games! It’s called “Out of the Box Dog Training Game.” And as mom says on the box itself, it’s a Pawsitive Training Solution For You and Your Dog! Yes, mom developed it, but I was her inspiration… 

This game consists of 56 cards – all with little bite-size pieces of training activities that you can do with your dog! Since mom is always teaching her dog training class students, and her private dog training students that the simplest way to train your dog is to just fit little pieces of training into your daily routines. It’s not necessary to set aside lots of time – that’s just not very realistic. Mom totally understands how busy people are nowadays. So, she has made it easy for you to get the behaviors you want from your dog! 
With the cards you’ll also get a nice little Instruction Guide to help you play the game. From figuring out the best way to motivate your dog, to techniques that will help you teach your dog the basic behaviors – all of which you can use throughout the entire time you play! 
You just need at least one human and one dog. You can certainly have more, but it’s not necessary. You can also adapt the exercises to different skill levels. How great is that??? Plus, it’s only $17.95 (plus the ol’ tax)
Mom and I will be unveiling this brand new game this weekend at The Canine Adoption and Rescue Leagues 12th Annual Pooch Parade Fundraising Event and Pet Expo here in Ventura! We’ll have a booth there, along with many only vendors! Come join the fun, come by and say hello to us, check out the Box Game, and have fun! 
I wonder when dad and I are going to play again? Hmm, something for this inquisitive canine to ponder…

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