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Making Dog Walking Outings More Fun For Your Dog & You

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As Poncho and I were on our evening stroll today here in Ventura, we played our “let’s say hi to our neighbor dogs as we walk by” game, which made it a lot more fun – for the both of us!  

Every time we walked by a house where the dogs started barking, I’d say *Hi!*, mention their names (there’s Mookie, Zorro, Nick, Guinness and Waylon, red house dog, blue and white house dog, and Heather), and give Poncho a little piece of leftover chicken.  

This is a fun game – Poncho loves it! And of course now, thanks to learning by association, he loves when other dogs bark too…

This is a really simple and fun activity – it’s actually one of the activity cards found in my Out of the Box Dog Training Game.

What are you doing to make your dog walk outings more fun? For your dog and for yourself?

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