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Help during the grieving process with the loss of a beloved pet

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My friend Colleen Mihelich is an animal lover and pet loss expert who founded Peternity – a company dedicated to helping others celebrate the life and love of their furry friends. She also has the wonderful and informative Peternity blog, where she offers heartfelt stories, along with enlightening guidance on how to cope when you do lose a beloved pet. I know I dread the day, but I am comforted knowing she will be there for me if and when that day comes.

One of her latest posts was on Pet Loss Tips for Getting Through the Holidays. A few pet loss grieving tips she talked about were:

  • How to spend your time.
  • How to help others while helping yourself grieve.
  • How to honor your pet.
  • How to deal with your emotions.

After reading through the content, I’d say one can use this information any time of the year – although, I know the holidays can be quite tough – especially since our non-human family members mean so much to us.

To read more about pet grieving tips from Colleen, please click here to see the Peternity blog post – You can also check out her Peternity website to share, heal, and help – both yourself and others.

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