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Bicycles, Skateboards and Scooters Make for Adventurous Options When Exercising Your Dog

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I was recently sent information from Mark Schuette and his company Dog Powered Scooter telling me about his inventions that enable dog guardians to exercise their dog, while at the same time the humans get some exercise, and everyone enjoys the great outdoors.

At first I was a little reluctant. Why? Because I was worried that if the dog got startled, or decided to go after something etc…that it would cause an accident. It’s important for dog guardians to keep their dog, themselves and the public safe when venturing out. My concern was also prompted because the “overly protective dog mom” kicked in – I envisioned vet visits, or ER visits – of which neither is preferred. How negative is that? Sorry Mark…not very positive of me.

Then the certified professional dog trainer and critical thinker part of me kicked in and I decided to write to Mark directly so I could educate myself! Nothing like being inquisitive! This is what Mark had to say:

Hi Joan – I’ve sold 1200 now in 6 years since i invented it- and I have never had an injury to rider or dog. The dog/bicycle/rollerblade/and any “dog out front” method of mushing products can’t say that!  its safer than most other dog sports that require quick directional changes and even safer than letting your dog off leash in a dog park or in the woods!

My systems are all straight line exercise under a small load- or no load if the rider chooses to do the work. And its hardly work- only 4-5 lbs of pull is needed to keep the rigs at speed once the rider gets it rolling.

I have several over 65 yr old customers, and also several kids and even some slightly handicapped folks. The trike is totally safe and stable and the scooter is very safe but more of a sport since some balance and riding skill is necessary- comparable to riding a bicycle (without a dog). And most of my customers are women.

Because the rider has steering and braking control over the dog AND because the dog can only go forward (they cannot turn to pull you over to the side) its safer than any other wheeled rig out there.


Well Mark I have to say all of the items sound impressive, and a nice resource for dog owners to have! I would most likely invest in one if I had a dog that enjoyed running for longer distance. Poncho is an energetic inquisitive canine for sure, but as for running, well, let’s just say he’d be more motivated to sit in a bicycle basket up front 🙂 Unless there was a mail truck attached to the front? Hmm, maybe that could be your next item!

To my friends and followers who have higher energy dogs that need a fun and safe outlet for burning off that energy, check out Marks website Dog Powered Scooter! I look forward to seeing my local friends out on the Promenade here in Ventura!

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