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Would You Wear a Dog Prong or Choke Collar to Train Yourself?

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I’m feeling like a true inquisitive canine this fine morning, and have a couple questions for you humans:

  • If you were learning a new task, would you want to be taught with a prong or choke collar? Cuz if you’re not willing to put one on, then why in the world do you think us canines would?

Please go ahead and spend some time thinking about that – be inquisitive. Be a critical thinker. There are so many other ways to teach us – the same ways as you like to learn.

2 Responses

  1. However – the critical part of this is that we are not dogs – behaviorly or physically (ie. most of us don’t have thick scruffs of hair around our necks.) If used properly the choke collar is effective and benefits positive communication. In every communication situation I absolutely believe you should use the most effective and loving tools – and that seems to be the choke collar for both my dog and I.

    I would have to be convinced that the choke chain is not the appropriate method of communication for my specific dog – but would certainly not step out and say that everyone should use a choke chain. I feel quite strongly that teaching that things are just one way teaches other people to be judgemental instead of critical. I am open to the possibility that there might be a better way to accomplish just about anything.

  2. Hello Riley, thank you for replying to my post. I love the smell of controversy. You may not be a dog, but you and I learn the same way.

    Yes, no doubt, choke chains, prong collars, citronella collars, shock collars, alpha rolling, pinning, helicoptering, scruff shaking, and smacking are all methods that can work – however, there are other types of methods that that teach me what you want without hurting me or making me afraid.

    My mom has always said, just like there’s more than one way to make a meatloaf, there’s more than one way to train us dogs. If going the more aversive route is your preferred method, then that is your choice. For her it isn’t, which this inquisitive canine is thankful for.

    I think we’d both agree that we’re all different and that it’s nice to have choices.

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