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Shelter Dog Bowling Fundraiser for Canine Adoption and Rescue League Scores a 300

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The Pins for Pooches Bowling Fundraiser held on May 23rd at Ventura Bowling Center was a success and all-around fun-filled event!

Everyone came out to support the Canine Adoption and Rescue League‘s new shelter dog volunteer behavior and training program that was started last month. After adding up the money received from the games of bowling and purchased raffle tickets, we ended up raising over four hundred dollars!

The money will be used for supplies we are using for the new multi-level training program such as front clip harnesses (Easy-Walk and Sensation), quick-snap collars, and enrichment food toys including Kong’s and bully sticks. Doesn’t seem like much, but it sure adds up quickly.

Our new program teaches volunteers specific dog training techniques that are used to train the shelter dogs much need “obedience” skills adopters want. Sitting to greet, waiting at doors, taking treats gently, walking on a loose leash, learning to accept strangers and remaining calm (and enjoying it) when strangers approach are all important “life skills” for dogs. Our intention is to help dogs adapt to the somewhat stressful shelter environment, while making them more adoptable.

Why are we choosing these specific materials? The walking equipment is dog and user friendly, and the food toys provide enrichment for the dogs when he or she needs to be in a kennel for most of the day. The volunteers will spend time training the dogs which will also provide physical and mental stimulation.

Although I know everyone came because they have a huge love for the animals, I do want to give a special shout-out to the very thoughtful and generous folks who donated items for the raffle – much of the money came from the purchase of the raffle tickets, and we wouldn’t have been able to have it without their support!

Thanks to everyone who spent the day with us and supported our event! The dogs, C.A.R.L. and I thank you! (Next year I’m gonna have an assistant so I can bowl too!)

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