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K9-PALS Great Ball Drop in Santa Barbara Positively Reinforcing Time for Dogs and Owners Alike

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What a grand day is was for me and mom this past Saturday! We headed north to one of our favorite dog-friendly places: Elings Park in Santa Barbara. K9 PALS was hosting their second annual Great Ball Drop fund-raising event. Although mom is a certified professional dog trainer, there are times when she just likes to be a “dog mom” so she took me on a little mother-son date where we met lots of other dog guardians and their inquisitive canine‘s.

We also saw some of mom’s dog training class students, and met some really wonderful people with awesome dog related businesses. There was the really cool doggy daycare facility called Diogi (I’d totally go there), the pet hospital La Cumbre Animal Hospital (I like Miss. Peggy and the other staff I met but I’d only want to go for a visit, not because I’d have to if ya know what I mean), and my friends of the Santa Barbara Supersonic Flyball Racing Team! I hadn’t seen them in a long time – mom spoke with coach Loren about us starting up again! OMG that’s SO exciting – WE LOVE Flyball!!

Mom also entered me in the tail-wagging contest…ah yes, I recall winning thatat another dog rescue fund raising event years ago…this time a Dachshund name Winston won – mom said he was pretty cute so that’s cool – it was still fun.

After the contest we walked around again, met other people and their dogs – plus mom let me roll in something I found quite appealing…mom’s always great about reinforcing my good behavior with “real life” rewards. For a few photo’s mom took of this grand event, please check out our Inquisitive Canine Facebook group page. There’s also the K9 PALS Facebook page.

Anyway, if you were there, we thank you for participating in the K9 PALS fund raiser – all the dogs of the Santa Barbara County animal shelter thank you as well. If you weren’t able to make it this year, please head on over to the K9 PALS website and bookmark it so you’ll be able to keep up with the latest on upcoming Santa Barbara County Animal Regulation Events.

On a side note, mom and I want to recognize the significance of September 11th. We honor the women and men who died on that infamous day nine years ago – along with all of those who survived, who helped and rescued and those who are still coping.  A tragic day indeed, and one that will never be forgotten.

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