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Making Halloween Safe for Children and Pets

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Halloween weekend is upon us which means it’s the perfect time to send out gentle reminders on keeping all little ones safe – human and non-human. Fellow columnist Melissa Chapman has written a great post on Halloween 101 Safety which I would like to share with Inquisitive Canine readers.

Halloween 101: Getting Through it without the Heartburn
Melissa Chapman

With ghostly goblins, blood sucking vampires and candy corn flowing, Halloween could very well be construed as the ultimate in kid fun. However, while your children may see this holiday as an opportunity to hit up strangers for candy and don platinum Lady Gaga wigs, as a parent all you see is the potential for disaster. Between impending suffocation hazards posed by small, hard candies and the probability that your pets will get entangled in the…Click here to read the complete article.

For additional Halloween Tips for keeping your pets safe during this time of spooky celebration, please see our own Inquisitive Canine post on dog training tips for Halloween fun and safety!

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