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Original Inquisitive Canine Joins Santa Barbara Edhat Community

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It’s official folks! This inquisitive canine has teamed up with our local online news site Edhat-Santa Barbara with my very own dog behavior and training advice column. Similar to the one me and my mom co-write, Dear Inquisitive Canine, I’ll be doling out my own pooch’s perspective. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I’m calling it.

A Pooch’s Perspective is exclusive to the Edhat community. It will include dog behavior Q&A, dog behavior and training tips, along with a side-order of canine quips – because well, that’s just who I am.

I encourage you to check out, read through, ask questions and leave comments. Edhat is built on community involvement, and I agree with and am honored they have welcomed this Pooch’s Perspective to their family.

Have your own question you’d like me to address? Send me an email directly – I’d be happy to give you my pooch’s perspective.

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