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Does Your Dog Like to Share Their Food and Toys?

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When it comes to resources – food, toys, and locations – many animals, dogs included, prefer to keep it all to themselves. Learning to share is just that, a learned behavior. Guarding ones resources, is an innate behavior – and one that is very handy for survival.

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  1. Cute video, I agree that it’s an innate behavior that dogs sometimes have to learn.
    It’s important to point out though that every animal is different, some dogs do like to share, while as others will actually steal from others.

  2. My puppy has a ton of trouble with sharing her food and treats. She is actually pretty weird even with her personal water bowl. When we go places she doesn’t want to share with other dogs;she wants her own fresh water.

    She has been spoiled to say the least ad that must have something to do with it. Good information, much appreciated.If you get a chance stop by my site about dog food and dog treats! Thanks again for the post.

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