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Santa Barbara Dog Behavior Workshop for Pet Parents, Outdoor Manners & More

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“Woofs & Waves, Pawsitive Dog Parenting at the Beach” 

Sponsored by Friends of the Douglas Family Preserve and free to the public, this unique dog training workshop, focused on beach & park outings, will help you understand what motivates your canine companion and how to positively reinforce the behaviors you want while limiting and preventing inappropriate habits. Refreshments & prize drawings are part of the fun; please RSVP by August 10th.

Taught by certified dog trainer Joan Mayer, this course goes beyond basic “obedience” techniques by teaching valuable canine “parenting” skills—so that you can succeed at raising a healthy and happy dog. Loose leash walking, off-leash play, coming when called, shyness towards strangers, dog-dog reactivity, techniques you can use to stop your dog from getting into mischief and frequently asked questions regarding common dog behaviors will be addressed, including tips for sharing the beach with shorebirds.

By the end of this workshop, you will go home with skills you can use to train your dog no matter what your individual goals may be. The intensive, indoor session consists of lecture, discussion and interactive worksheets. *Note: this specialty dog behavior workshop is for humans only; we’d love to meet your inquisitive canine but please leave dog buddies at home. For more information you may contact Joan directly.

  • Date: SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2012 by reservation only, space is limited 
  • Time: 3:00-5:00 PM
  • RSVP: by AUGUST 10th, please email Susan at 
  • Location: WATERSHED RESOURCE CENTER, Arroyo Burro Beach Park, 2981 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara.
  • Fee: FREE
Thank you to those sponsoring the event including Joan and the Inquisitive Canine, the Watershed Resource Center/Art from Scrap, Friends of the Douglas Family Preserve, the Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach,, Santa Barbara Surfrider Foundation, PARC Foundation, Santa Barbara Audubon Society. Special thanks to Santa Barbara News Press, EdHat and Noozhawk for helping to promote this canine loving community event!

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  1. We would like to register for the August 12th workshop for dogs, Woofs and Waves.
    Larry and Claudia Mitchell. 805-687-5593. Thank you.

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