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Basic Dog Training – Step #1

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Chances are good you are reading this because you have a new family member – an inquisitive canine. Congratulations and welcome to your new family member! 

As a certified professional dog trainer and  behavior consultant, I take a pawsitive approach to dog training as an easy, simple, and fun way to enhance the everyday relationship between dogs and their guardians.

Libby is an excellent eye gazer.
Libby is an excellent eye gazer.

Dog Training Step #1 is a super-simple activity. (Maybe you are already doing it.)

Gaze into Each Other’s Eyes 

Have fun teaching your dog to look you in the eyes. Reward your dog with high-value yummy treats, petting and praise whenever s/he looks into your eyes.

  • Start out with a quick glance and then increase the duration to a few seconds.
  • Prompt your dog to look into your eyes with a happy voice.
  • Practice this in different locations, including while out on a walk.
  • Reward, reward, reward – Every time you gaze into each other’s eyes.

That’s it! I told you it was super easy.

But don’t underestimate its importance. This is the foundation to a long and rewarding relationship with your dog.

Poncho playing the Out of the Box Dog Training game.
Poncho playing the Out of the Box Dog Training game.

Dog Training Step #1 is taken from the Out of the Box Dog Training Game I created. The Out of the Box Dog Training Game enables benefiting from the time you and your dog already spend together by motivating your dog to develop good manners, while limiting and preventing inappropriate habits. You also will discover fun activities that can strengthen your bond and new ways to multi-task in your daily routine so that you can spend more quality time with your dog. The game is perfect for one-on-one with your dog or with your family and friends. Perfect for any number of human and canine players, these training activities are fun for everyone involved. Anyone can play; no prerequisite required. Each activity can be customized for specific needs and adapted to different learner levels to continue advancing your dog’s skills.

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