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Homeschooling Your Dog: Inquisitive Canine Edition

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Welcome to Fido’s Homeschooling DIY training program. Thank you for being an inquisitive dog guardian! As always, we are thrilled to share in your training adventures.

Why Homeschool your Inquisitive Canine?

inquisitive canine DIY dog trainingTraining is a lifetime endeavor – an important, ongoing part of the relationship between you and your dog. Whether homeschooling, participating in private training or online training , we want your learning experience to be fun, rewarding and successful! Both dogs and humans should enjoy working together as you practice your training exercises. So our approach focuses on setting your dog up for success, rewarding the behaviors you want, and using management to prevent unwanted behaviors from being practiced.

The Curriculum:

The upcoming series of posts will present some highlights from the Inquisitive Canine class curriculum. We’ll start by setting down the basics and then build upon these simple behaviors. We’ll also present explanations of important concepts to keep in mind while working with your pup not only during training, but also in ‘real world’ situations.

Learning Objectives:

Our goal is to offer you some homeschooling, DIY training exercises that are simple and doable.
At the Inquisitive Canine, we teach you to teach your dogs the skills they need in order to be happy, well-adjusted, well-behaved family members and companions. We do this through the use of simple, dog and people-friendly training techniques. We will share humane, positive reinforcement, reward-based training techniques, developed from the science of animal behavior. These scientifically based teaching methods are both easy to follow and effective. Plus they make learning fun and rewarding for all!

The FUNdamentals:

Inquisitive Canine Homeschooling Dog TrainingCreating positive learning experiences for both dog and guardian gets impressive results while also enhancing the overall bond you share. So, remember to take it easy and have fun with your dog! Just like us, dogs are individuals, and work at different paces. You’ll notice some lessons are easy to pick up immediately, while some cues may take a few sessions before you get to that aha! moment. A helpful tip here is to always go back to an easier level of teaching if your dog doesn’t understand what you’re requesting at first. With patience and consistency, you will help your dog build self-confidence. After all, learning new skills can and should be enjoyable and enriching. Think recess, not term paper!

Extra Credit:

Of course, if you’d like to go beyond the DIY approach with your Inquisitive Canine, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us about your needs, your goals and your furry friend and how we can help you. In our private and online training sessions, we focus on how you would like your dog to behave, and work towards those goals with guidance and encouragement. Contact us for more information or to get started today.

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