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Mark Your Calendar for Doggy Date Night

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Doggy Date Night is February 3rd! Are you ready? How will you and your Inquisitive Canine celebrate your bond and unconditional love? The website, has some fun ideas and we came up with a few of our own to share with you too:

Inquisitive Canine Piper
Alison and Piper, Sharing a Moment Together
  • Make a date for some fun, enriching dog training. Think about how you would like your dog to behave when you’re out and about together – for date night or any night – and brush up on those skills with your dog’s favorite training games and most valued rewards.
  • Present a new enrichment toy or food puzzle and then enjoy a meal together.
  • Not sure what to do on date night? If you have spell out the words “r-i-d-e in the c-a-r” or “w-a-l-k-i-e-s” because your pup gets sssooo excited – then here’s your answer!
  • Your inquisitive canine can’t drive to the store to buy flowers and candy, but how about spending quality time together with some tricks training – like teaching your dog to hold a flower in her mouth on cue? It’s like a really fancy game of fetch!
  • Use National Doggy Date Night for dress rehearsals to prepare for Valentine’s Day! Spend time together practicing old tricks or learning new ones.
  • Think about dining out (or at home during the pandemic) with your dog. When you prepare together ahead of time, teaching and learning cues for good manners, you’re sure to want a second date! Just don’t expect your doggy date to be the DD! 
  • Write out 5 things you love and appreciate about your dog and post them around the house to remind you of the bond you share.
Jesseca and Boomer Practicing Their Favorite Behaviors
  • Play dress-up (if your pet enjoys it) and take some new portrait shots. Try not to break the internet when you share your adorable pics on social media!
  • Need to come up with a fun indoor activity? Practice the recall cue by playing hide and seek in your house. 
  • Above all have fun with your pet! It’s a great way to strengthen the bond you share, while being reminded to stop and smell the treats now and again.

Thank you for joining The Inquisitive Canine in being dedicated to strengthening the human-canine bond – even when it involves being a little silly sometimes…

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