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New Puppy? Remember These Pro Tips!

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Despite the old adage, teaching old dogs new tricks is rewarding, enriching, fun and very, very doable. However, if you are (or will be) in a situation where you’re sharing your life and love with a new puppy, then you have the opportunity to get started on a pawsitive approach for positive results™ even earlier. Wondering where to begin?  Here are some of our favorite tips for new puppy parents and families planning for a new puppy.  

Make Learning Fun

Above all, use techniques that help you and your pup enjoy the lifelong training journey. Check in and make sure that human and pooch alike look forward to “going to school,” and the philosophies and methods practiced are designed to strengthen your bond and build trust in the learning process. The more fun and games, the better!

Capture and Reinforce Behaviors You Like

You can make training your dog a breeze when you teach your puppy what you want him or her to do. (Keep in mind, punishment and correction do not teach the behaviors you want. Instead, they interfere with the trust you are working to build.) 

Set Them Up for Success

Now is the time to create lifelong good habits. Think in terms of teaching new puppies life skills, so they have tools for success for years to come! For instance, something as simple as establishing routines can really boost your day-to-day productivity when training your new family member.

Socialize Safely

Puppy socialization has been a little extra challenging this past year, but teaching puppies to enjoy making friends and learning how to share are still important goals. 

Celebrate National Puppy Day

And finally, on March 23rd, remember to celebrate National Puppy Day! Head over to for a history of the day – did you know it was designed to raise awareness about puppy mills and promote pet adoption? Plus, be sure to check out the site’s fun ideas for Puppy Day activities. 

Thank you for being an inquisitive new puppy guardian. And if you need any help at all with your new little one, The Inquisitive Canine offers private training for all things puppy! Please contact us to let us know how we can help you and your family start off on the right paw together!

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