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But Isn’t Every Day National Pet Day?

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“Colleen Paige, animal welfare advocate and pet and family lifestyle expert, founded National Pet Day in 2006 to celebrate the joy pets can bring to us,” states the website, That means that us pet lovers can mark our calendars for February 20, 2021 and start thinking about how we can honor the furry friends who bring so much affection to our lives. Here, at The Inquisitive Canine, we feel a great way to show our pets we love them is to give them lots of opportunities to stay physically and mentally fit and active. So, keep your calendars out – because April is Active Dog Month, a whole month devoted to that goal!

Not sure where to start? How about an urban hike? Let’s celebrate our inquisitive canines with some quality bonding time together outdoors. With Spring in the air, enjoying walks together is a great way to enhance the bonds you have with your dog. Let Active Dog Month be your motivation to grab your pup’s favorite harness, leash, waste bags, and treats and head on out for some fresh air and fun.

And why stop there? As pet parents, we know that mental stimulation for our canine pals is just as essential to health and well-being as physical activity. If you have some ideas for indoor adventures this month, please share in comments below! 

If you’re searching for some inspiration, we recommend you check out the Inquisitive Canine Homeschooling DIY Training Program series of blog posts. Starting from scratch? No worries! We walk you through each step of the process – from gathering up “school supplies” to understanding force-free training concepts to teaching some common and versatile cues. Feel free to explore the whole series or just focus on the topics you and your pup find most ‘pawsome.’ Choose from:

Of course, we encourage you to contact us with any questions along the way. We would love to hear from you and share in your training adventures.

We hope we’ve inspired you and your furry family members to find some fun and creative ways to celebrate Pet Day and Active Dog Month together. (Looking for more? The Inquisitive Canine’s Private Training offers convenient options for you and your best friend to continue to enhance your lifelong learning together.)

As always, thank you for being an inquisitive dog guardian and working to keep your canine physically and mentally active, healthy and happy! 

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