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Celebrate National Best Friends Day with Your BFF – Best Fur Friend!

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Sure dogs are humans’ best friends, but are you a BFF to your dog? Of course you are! And here are some more ways to celebrate that most sacred dog-hooman bond:

Caper Engaged in His K9 Nose Work® Class
  • Enhance your relationship by creating opportunities to unleash adventures and harness fun from your inquisitive canine’s point of view. How about a Sniffari?
Toaster Learning Go-to-Your-Place with Distractions
  • Explore dog-friendly places in your own town and neighborhood. Yes, this is a great opportunity to practice training exercises like “go to your place” and relaxing on a mat around distractions… but it doesn’t have to feel like homework!
Joan and Her BFF, Ringo Starr
  • Take the initiative to create in-home enrichment activities that are enjoyable to you both. Harness this fantastic opportunity to be inquisitive and creative with your canine bestie!

Best Friends Day is June 8. How will you and your inquisitive canine be celebrating?

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